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Cool Idea for hot summer days

Its the dog days of summer and you are looking for quick snacks. Here's a dip that you can make ahead of time and it can also be a great boost to your potato salad or coleslaw. This mix gives you a refreshing tang from the lime, a little smokiness from smoked paprika and a little cayenne in the finish.

Southern Spicy Dip

1 pt sour cream

2 oz lime juice

1 oz Red Canyon Spice Blackening seasoning

Blend together the lime juice and blackening seasoning then add to the sour cream.

I like to let this dip sit 2 hours minimum for the flavors to start to meld together. It's even better the next day. If you feel its a little to thick add just a little water

Now the fun part begins:

You can add additions to this mix such as shredded cheese, green chilies, roasted red peppers, or any chile peppers you desire, cilantro or green onions. The list goes on. Great for dipping veggies and chips and whatever you can imagine it on.

Happy trails and happy eating!

Chef Michael

Red Canyon Spice

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